LAR provides a variety of services to advance the teaching and research missions of the University. From animal procurement to veterinary care, LAR exists to serve the FSU research community. Our integrated team of laboratory animal professionals, veterinarians, and administrative professionals is available to help meet your research needs. Special services include Animal Care and Use Committee (ACUC) protocol consultation, animal model development, breeding colony management, anesthetic and surgical support, and necropsy services.  We want to partner with you to accomplish your goals.

Animal Procurement

All acquisition and procurement of vertebrate animals, regardless of species or housing location, must be specifically approved in advance by the FSU ACUC via an approved animal use protocol. To facilitate approval and to maintain appropriate records, the online Animal Order Request must be completed and submitted. For deliveries from approved rodent vendors, Animal Order Requests must be submitted by noon on Thursday for delivery the following week.


LAR is comprised of over 57,000 ft2 of dedicated animal housing and support space. Housing facilities are available for common laboratory animals, including but not limited to rodents, rabbits, birds, fish, reptiles, and amphibians. Specialized facilities, including containment, ABSL-2, surgical, and necropsy suites are available. LAR employs 6 full-time personnel involved in direct animal care. Experience among animal care personnel ranges from three to twenty-nine years. LAR husbandry personnel are required to achieve certification through the American Association for Laboratory Animal Science (AALAS) Technician Certification Program. The AALAS Technician Certification Program sets professional standards for the advancement of laboratory animal science.


LAR conducts regularly scheduled wet-labs to provide training in animal handling and experimental manipulation. Individualized training is available upon request. Contact Dr. Kathleen Harper at 644-0623 to learn about upcoming training opportunities or to schedule individual training.

Technical Services

LAR personnel are available to provide technical assistance with animal procedures, including but not limited to animal identification, breeding colony management, anesthetic and surgical support, sample collection, and euthanasia.

Veterinary Care

William Hill, DVM, MPH, DACLAM serves jointly as LAR Director and Attending Veterinarian. Dr. Hill has direct program authority and responsibility for FSU’s Animal Care and Use Program. Kathleen Harper, DVM, PhD serves as University Veterinarian. Dr. Harper is responsible for providing preventative, clinical, and surgical care to campus animal resources. A rotating emergency duty schedule has been established to provide after hours, weekend, and holiday veterinary coverage.

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