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William Allen Hill, DVM, MPH, DACLAM, CPIA
Director and Attending Veterinarian

Primary contact for: LAR operational issues, space recommendations, administrative staffing and personnel concerns, fiscal concerns, veterinary issues, technical assistance, animal model development, and ACUC protocol development

Jaime White-James, CMAR, LATG
Assistant Director

Primary contact for:  Facility and equipment issues, husbandry staffing and personnel concerns, and husbandry needs and concerns

Kathleen Harper, DVM, PhD
University Veterinarian

Primary contact for:  Veterinary issues, technical assistance, animal model development, ACUC protocol development, and drug and veterinary supply ordering 

Kurt Hodges, MS, LATG
Ancillary Services Coordinator

Primary contact for:  Importation and exportation requests and sanitation effectiveness monitoring

Kimberly Johnson
ACUC Coordinator

Primary contact for:  ACUC forms, medical monitoring enrollment, ACUC training, ACUC protocol approval status

Recruitment in Progress
Accounting Specialist

Primary contact for: Billing issues

Recruitment in Progress
Administrative Associate

Primary contact for:  Animal ordering

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