Non-Approved Vendor Source Rodent Request

This form, along with the Animal Order Form, serves to initiate import of rodents from non-approved vendor sources. Receipt of rodents from non-commercial sources must be approved in advance by the Attending Veterinarian or designee.  Quarantine space is limited. Once all rooms in quarantine are occupied, availability of rooms for subsequent requests (as rooms become available) will be based on the order requests were approved by veterinary staff.  

If not PI

Institution of Origin Contact Information

Investigator Information
Veterinarian Information
Shipping Coordinator Information

Animals Requested

Please use exact strain nomenclature. Requested strains must be listed in an approved ACUC protocol before import will be scheduled.
(If an MTA is required, after receipt of the MTA from the institution of origin, the document must be uploaded to RAMP Agreements and approved by all parties before receipt of animals.)

Last Updated: Wednesday, November 10, 2021 at 4:21 PM